Due to development needs, our company has long-term recruitment of foreign trade salesmen
Requirements are as follows:

1. College degree or above.

2, English 4 or above, spoken fluently.
3, familiar with the entire process of foreign trade export business.
4, familiar with foreign trade B2B network promotion platform, has the ability to independently develop foreign customers' experience and ability, will describe the product, will release keywords, with certain promotion skills.
5. Be responsible, be serious with work, be honest and have teamwork.
6. It is preferred to have working experience in foreign trade business.

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the development and promotion of overseas markets for products. Open up overseas markets, develop and maintain foreign customers, reply E-mail, process orders, handle customer issues, etc.
2. Grasp the market dynamic information, provide relevant information to the company in time, and adjust the promotion plan.
3, to provide customers with professional answers, take the initiative to understand and explore customer needs and purchase wishes.
4. Records and analysis of relevant market operations.
5. Evaluate, analyze, suggest key words, analyze the optimization situation of the competition peers, and timely provide keywords strategy and keyword refinement

1, basic salary + floating wage + commission, effective incentive mechanism, with personal ability and performance to obtain, at the end of the year according to different sales have additional rewards;
2. Personal platform: Every year, there are  Exhibition, visit foreign customers regularly, good competition mechanism, etc. As long as you have enough passion and effort to realize your dreams and high income is not a problem;
3, living accommodation: the company provides free accommodation, comfortable environment, living facilities equipped;
4. Insurance Plan: Five Risks (Endowment, Medical, Fertility, Industrial Injury, Unemployment);
5. Paid holidays: In addition to the statutory holidays as stipulated by the state, employees are entitled to 5 days paid annual leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, etc. for the full year of entry;
6, product certification: product applications passed, CE, ROHS and other related certification;
7. Corporate activities: Regularly organize various forms of team activities;

The company implements humanized management and welcomes people with lofty ideals to interview or submit resumes!

You can email to or call at 0755-27350605, welcome you to join us!