SP107E Bluetooth LED Music Controller

Working temperature : -20℃~60℃;
Working Voltage : DC5V~24V;
Working Current : 18mA~45mA;
Remote distance : 20 Meters;
Product size : 85mm*45mm*22mm;
Product weight : 40g ;
Certificates : CE, RoHS


1. Long distance APP remote control via Blutooth;
2. Support almost every kind of one-wire or two-wires LED driver IC ;
3. Support setting pixel number and segment number, support up to 960 pixels;
4. With 18 kinds of LED strip music effects, 30 kinds of LED matrix music effects
and 180 kinds of non-music effects;
5. DC5V~24V wide range working voltage, reverse power supply input protection;
6. User setting saving;