2.4G 4 Zone touch button RGBW Controller

This 4 zone 2.4G RF RGBW Controller is the touch button RF wireless remote controller, the most advanced
PWM (pulse width modulation) control technology have been adopted. It can be installed & used easily, plenty modes
can be selected, speed & brightness can be adjusted with the remote. It also has memory function because we inside the
memory chip on the PCB. With all these high functions, we still make it so tiny, and make it more economical and
practical. It’s mainly used to control all kinds of constant voltage led lights, such as: LED source, LED strips, led wall
washer, wall Glass curtain lights, etc.


Function introduction
1Use the 2.4G frequency RF remote control, no need to make the remote direct to the controller,and
the RF remote can controlled it across obstacles.
2In the open area remote control distance is about 30 meters.
3Adopt the press key and touch wheel control remote, slightly touch the color wheel can adjust the
light’s brightness smoothly