4 zone 2.4G RF remote RGB led controller

This 4 zone 2.4G RF remote RGB led controller adopt the most advance PWM control technology, can control all kinds of 3 channel (common anode) LED lights. Such as LED module, led strip, led control box, led source,etc. This controller is with indicating light and power off memory function, next time to used it, will start with the model it save. Easy connection and simple to used is the representative advantages of this controller. User can choose different changing mode, adjust the speed and brightness,turn on/off by the remote control according to their preference .


Technology Parameters:

Working temperature: -20-60℃

Power supply voltage: DC12V~24V

Output: 3 channels

Connection method: Common anode

Controller size: L152×W41×H28mm

Net weight: 105g

Static power consumption: <1W

Output current: <6A/CH

Outout power:12V:<216W, 24V:<432W