36V 64leds/m 2835 30m Led strip

Product Name: 64leds/m DC36V 2835 led light strip​
Product Model: LC2835X64XM12W-36V
Leds Qty: 64 leds/m
Power: 8.8W
Voltage: DC36V
Width of PCB: 12mm
Color: Red/ Green/Blue/Yellow/White(1800K-10000K)
Ra:80-90/90-95/>95 is optional


2835 flexible with constant current light strip is to use FPCB (flexible circuit board) in charge carrier, SMD leds and electronic components for load LED electronic light-emitting products,

Led light strip with a deformation ability, only the thickness of a coin, one end of the power supply design of 30 meters, brightness can reach 1000 lm, one meter in the engineering of high flexibility in use, can change sex is strong, can do all kinds of complex design lighting, also can do main body outline hook edge, still can be used in irregular places and the place with narrow space.