1232leds/m COB RGBW high brightness Led strip

1232leds/m COB RGBW high brightness led light strip
Product Model:LC-COBX1232XM12W-24V
Color: RGBW
LED Quantity: 1232leds/Meter
Working Input Voltage: DC24V
Power: 20W/M
Cuttable size:22.8MM
Width of PCB: 12MM
Package: 5M/Reel


1232leds/m COB RGBW high brightness led light strip

1. Product Description

The COB flexible led strip is an LED electronic light-emitting product that uses FPCB (flexible circuit board) as the main carrier and uses SMD LED and electronic components as the load. The light-emitting surface of the product is uniform and has no dark areas.

The product adopts DC24V direct current low voltage power supply mode, the product safety factor is high, the project acceptance procedure is simple, the light source adopts the industry's excellent brand chip ,they are high brightness, low light decay, energy saving and environmental protection, and have long lifespan.

2. Features

★Flexible tailoring, with arbitrary length, can be tailored on the complete circuit according to requirements, without destroying the principle performance.
★Beautiful, energy-saving, high brightness and low heat generation, it is a pollution-free product that meets the ROHS standard.
★IP Rating: IP20, IP65, IP67, IP68, the led strip can be used in a wider field environment.
★No radiation, making use safer.
★The beam angle can reach 180°

★Antistatic grade (MIL-STD-883E): HBM 2 grade (2000-4000V)