5X13mm LC8808B digital Neon Led Strip

LC8808B flexible light strip is a LED electronic light emitting product with FPCB as the main carrier and patch LED lamp and electronic components as the load.

The product adopts DC12V DC low voltage power supply mode, and adopts the built-in breakpoint continuous transmission IC as the communication protocol. It has the function of bad lamp signal continuous transmission, and the use of components outside the lamp bead is few, and the failure rate is low

Neon tube Size: 5X13mm, milky neon set, good quality, three years will not turn yellow, waterproof and fire-resistant


Product Name: 5X13mm LC8808B Neon Tube Magic Light Strip

Product model: LC8808RGB60XM10W-12V

Number of lights: 60/144 leds Optional

Power: 14.4W/ m

Voltage: DC12V

Color: RGB

Neon Tube Size: 5X13mm

Warranty: 2 years